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Hi Krasiva
I love natural essential oil soaps especially if they are transparent.

T 10

My wife got me a pine-tar soap for my birthday. At first I thought she did it as a joke. After using it once, I immediately got a soap subscription. Now this soap goodness will never end!

Thank you!!


s caballero

I’m after a quality natural product.Also I want to see how your soaps compare
to Friendlysoap.


Hi Krasi,
I am looking for natural soaps for my itchy skin. Psoriasis…… I want to heal my body the
natural way

Nancy T.

To clean and moisturize my skin.


I am looking for the soap for my body and for my face.
I use a natural product for my face now and I would like to get another soap to alternate and also to
exfoliate .
Thank you

Jim B.

Yes. It was so good and I will be ordering more when I need it. I t was actually a birthday gift for my brother John who was celebrating his 90th birthday. I wanted to give him something original and special. He is enjoying it.

Lee Kyuho

Hi, Krasi,
I am really happy to hear from you so soon!
I am male, just turned to my 40s, and live in Seoul, Korea, FYI.
I usually use only soap and toner for my skin,
so soap matters in about 50% for my skincare! (or more because I forget to put
on toner sometimes, ha ha..)
That is probably why I think soap important personally. (Is this enough for your
I google natural skincare for my business point of view,
because natural skincare is my number one priority for my business these days.
In doing so, I found your attractive soaps.
I browsed your website and Instagram, and decided to contact you whether I
can be a reseller of your beautiful all-natural soaps.
Thank you!


Hello Krasi
I love handmade soap for ethical reasons, because I am looking for lovely, scented soaps to
use and because I’d love to find something to unclog pores (hence your pine soap in my
Can’t remember how I found you
I look forward to trying your soaps
Kind regards

Brian A.

thank you for your interest in my recent purchase. We’ll I wanted to something a little special
for my wife to maybe ease some of the stress of the recent Coronavirus outbreak. So I
purchased these soaps for a surprise. She viris free by the way. So I thought a nice hot bath
with some relaxing soaps would do the trick. Sounds crazy but I think it’ll work.


I am using the soap on my body. I found it was to harsh for my face,
it. I does smell nice. I am going to use it up, but I will not be ordering
it any day soon.
Thank you for checking in and asking what I thought. I wish I could
say, I like it a lot, but it is still early and I am still on the first bar.
Thank you for the experience of a natural soap.

Ken F.

Hello Krasi!
I need soap which will help a very dry and sometimes itchy skin! Simple as that!
Best regards
Ken F.


Hi Krasi
We buy soap because of the packaging and we look for the best quality for the price.
Best regards

Catherine Y.

I love th e hand made soaps and especially the smell of them and the feeling of freshness and
cleaningness ( I am sure there is no such a world in English) thanks
Catherine Y.

Testimonial 2

I decided to try the Krasiva soaps and I am fascinated. My skin is so clean and soft as that of a baby. The soaps are magical and I would like to buy all available so I can enjoy them everyday. One great thank you to the beautiful Krasi — keep making your beautiful creations so we can all enjoy them! ❤❤❤❤❤

Maya Kirilova

R. M.

Ref Order No 4272 6th Aug. Soaps arrived yesterday, 20th Aug. Am very pleased with products. Well packaged.
Very aromatic. Thank You

Lori S.

Hi, I am a soap-addict…and always go out of my way to find earthy-scented handmade bar
soaps to enjoy when taking a bath/shower.


The soap you give me so good on my skin proplem boils ect please tell me when u are
sending more to me and how much per month I pay Mr Mitchell

Marjorie D.

I like to try different soaps

Testimonial 1

These soaps have exceeded my expectations! They are the only soaps that make my skin soft and very well hydrated. And for someone who can’t even use body lotions after a bath that means a lot! Worth every penny 🙂

Adriana Dimitrova

T 9

What can I say– words and five stars ratings are not enough to describe how pleased and grateful I am for your wonderful soaps! They are small pieces of heaven and real masterpieces of art. Each soap kind has its own unique character, appearance, and scent. And the common thing among them is that they all are beautiful and work like a charm. My skin is soft and delicate every time I use them. You can say by now I am addicted to them!

Thank you, Krassi, for giving me such great products! I love you!!!

Maria Pavlova

T 8

Beautifully crafted, beautifully finished, beautifully wrapped, beautifully scented. Just beautiful!

Evgeniya Kabranova

T 5

Wonderful products with top quality. I am very pleased. Thanks!

Tsonyo Tsonev

Val W.

Hi Krasi,
I enjoy home made soaps because I feel they are using natural ingredients and they give me a little feeling of giving myself a treat!


Soap- I enjoy homemade soaps and thought I would try your brand for a change. This soap is a
present for for mybrother’s birthday. He is John and I was sending them to him in NSW. Am hoping
they get there in this time of unusual circumstances. Cheers Joan

s caballero

Many thanks for such a prompt response. Very much appreciated.


Hi Krasi
Thanks for your email. I would like to try your soap because I find good natural soap on my
face is much kinder to it and causes less irritation, and I would like to try a soap on my hair as
I’m using Amla oil on my hair to try and prevent any more hair loss/greying so I need a
product that is cooling/anti inflammatory.

Cath L.

I heard about your soaps in a chance conversation and a radio program gave out your contact details.
Why buy Well i am a senior ++ cocooned at home for past months and i plan to give the soaps as tokens of appreciation to people who are very kind to me. I am assuming that regular hand washing will be in place for the foreseeable future and
that these soaps will be useful gifts.
I am confident that the soaps will be acceptable.

T 7

Wonderful !!!!
I have nothing more to say! 🙂


Hi Krasi
Thank you very much for your email
The reason I am trying this soap is because I have a very inflamed itchy skin condition, worse on hands and feet. I have tried lots of steroid creams, steroid and antibiotic creams, antibiotic tablets, antihistamines, moisturisers and lots of other products but none of them have worked.
I hope that your product will work.
With kind regards

Margaret G.

Hi Krasi, l have very dry skin. Kind regards, Margaret. X

mary o

Hi I have always loved to wash my hands with a bar of soap I love the feel of the bar in my
hands I hardly ever use a liquid soap kind regards mary


I prefer to buy the soaps without Palm Oil as I won’t buy them if they contain it.
Best wishes,

T 11

The art of soap in a single website!

Teo Love

Alice hight

I buy soap to keep my skin clean and I like soaps that make my skin soft and smooth.
Alice hight


Hello krasi my name is Julie S. I placed an order from you today ,Thankyou for the Email you sent
me unfortunately I cant reply on my phone , but I didn’t want to ignore you so I am using my
partners .I came across your website while looking for natural soaps without any hidden nasties I
have quite sensitive skin and find a lot of soaps too harsh , Also I liked how your soaps are versatile
so can be used all over not just for the body .I am really looking forward to receiving my soap and
trying it .
Kind Regards

Suzana j.

Because i like to treat my body and face with natural stuff

R. P.

I have eczema in my scalp. Alos very sensitive on my skin and just looking forward to using these soaps

Dylan C.

Hi, I buy soap just to wash myself and stay clean and hygienic but I dont like chemically
made soap because that’s not clean or hygienic at all so I turned to naturally made
products because its helps the body thrive.

Alice Hight

Thank you. Looking forward to using your products.
Alice Hight

Gwyneth M.

Hi Krasiva thank you so much for your soaps,I,m hooked on your pine tar soap!!just love it so much,the smell
is amazing and it does wonders for my eczema on face and body so much so I don’t need to use any of the
creams doc gave me and I wasn’t happy using them as they left me very greasy and are full off chemicals,now
this soap is all I use, even got my husband and daughter hooked on it,thank you so much amazing soap


Hello!!because i like to take care of my face skin and body skin with natural soaps..and i
wanted to try that one!


hello krasi again,
theres nothing specific for which i am planning to buy the soap its in general i want
to try handmade nd natural soap as i love using different flavours and types of soaps.


Good afternoon.
I read about you in the Mail on Sunday magazine. Knew about health properties of goats milk
from a previous work but that was about 40 years ago so was out of my mind. I am having skin
problems at the moment so thought I would try anything once. Look forward to receiving


Hello Krasi,
I discovered your website via the internet after the soap I had been using wasn’t available. The
soap I had been buying was better I thought, because it had goat’s milk, zinc, and lavender. It
had fragrance in it though and I thought I heard it wasn’t good for you. Maybe it wasn’t a
natural smell.
Anyways I switched to goat milk soap when I began to think that some products were
damaging my skin like lotion and soaps. So I began looking for goat milk soaps. I am sensitive
to chemicals like alcohol, because it dries out my skin. Cold air dries out my skin faster. My
skin started healing after I quit the lotion and other soaps I had been using. My skin used to
flake more, and would create small cuts in my hands. I find that a little warmth helps
rejuvenate my skin instead of freezing temperatures. Eating healthier now seems to help to.
So far a soap made with shea butter, sea salt, and purified water really seems to help.
Sometimes I just apply lemon to my skin to help heal it up faster, and then I rinse it off. I did
have a lot of trouble with acne on my face more, but lemon with water seems to help clear it
up faster. The acne may have been partially cause from artificial sweeteners, or foods. I try not
to experiment too much lest I upset the balance in my body. Anyways your products are
interesting I wish you the best of luck.
Sincerely, Alyssa

Neil C.

We like to use really good natural products.


Hello Krasi,
Your website is effective; the soaps have attractive fragrances. I am buying presents for someone who appreciates natural products.
Good luck with your business.

Vslinda Beck

Hi Krasiva,
In addition to cleanliness I like a soap that will leave my skin moist and a nice fresh smell.

Emma Giannuzzi

I have started to buy soap instead of shower gel as I’m conscious about the amount of plastic
we are wasting as a family of 4.
I usually have one normal soap, and one soap with some sort of sand/grain in it to use as an
Thank you
Emma Giannuzzi

T 6

Your soaps are just wonderful! I love how they are all natural and the magic they do to my skin.

I recommend them to everyone!


Jacob b

I bought your soap because I wanted something natural for skin with less chemicals.

ann c.

Don’t like plastic I like natural stuff like cotton clothes and natural soaps, as my skin is more mature it’s more reason to use natural products.

Gwyneth M.

I buy your soap because I have really bad dermatitis,I,ve suffered all my life from and what
sets it of more on the face is chemicals, trouble is I,ve spent years and money trying to find
something that suits my face but at same time doesn’t cause me spots or block my pores,my
doctor says pick what I prefer,a skin that doesn’t itch like mad and ends up weeping raw and
bleeding or a skin free from spots and no blocked pores,but they said I can’t have both,so after
many years and lots of money plus suffering from trying many different things I came across
your soap and first ordered the argun one,and when I first used it I thought at last a soap that
treats my skin and face plus doesn’t give me spots or blocks my pores!!never been so glad at
last after all these years and money,I can have a soap that treats my dermatitis on doing and
face and it doesn’t block my pores or give me spots,told my doctor this and she couldn’t
believe I could treat my face and not have the spots or blocked pores because off treating the
dermatitis,so happy I found your soap so I just keep ordering more I now use for my hair as
well now,thank you very much

Marie M

Hi Krasi
I am a women of 83 years, and I have to say, I have tried to hard to
keep my skin in a good condition. I have tried every new product that
has out in the market place, and on all the shopping channels. I have
always been a believer of natural no chemicals products, but have
not been able to find a place to get them. My skin is in good shape,
but, I have started, at my age getting large pores, blackheads, and
pimples on my chin and bumps on my cheeks. I’m not sure if it is the
skin care I am using or my age, nonetheless, I have made up my
mine, for the time I have left on this earth, I was going to go earth
loving good. When I decided this, I went on my computer looking for
nature soaps, I thought I would start there. I came across your
website and was looking around and found a soap that called my
name. Cinnamon Argon oil. I look at the recipe to see what it was
used for and found it was all that I have been seeing on my face,
black heads, large pores, acne, uneven skin tone, wrinkles sagging. I
know Im 83 years old but does all that happen in a short period of
time? I then said, I am going to call and order the Cinnamon and
Argon oil soap. I called, but, being a Saturday, you must have been
closed, so I ordered on line, not knowing your company and if it was
safe, but I took a chance when you advertised it was safe and it did
have five stars for a witness. I am now anciouse to get the soaps
and see if all that it says it can do, will do for me.
I thank you for emailing me and being interested in my reason for the
I will email you back, after I receive and try the soaps.
Thank you again


Hey hey Krasiva
Thank you very much for the email as it is greatly appreciated… I buy firstly to clean my body,
I don’t like the feeling of dirt or even sweat on my skin… I am also am starting to get more
mature skin (age 41) and I finding regular soap is hard on my skin, so I am wanting to try
natural products that have no harsh chemical in it…
I am also a Traditional Witch (hope that doesn’t bother you) in saying so we prefer to use
natural products that come from the earth then use chemicals… Since starting my YouTube
channel & having more of social media presence I am finding more and more natural product
companies out there, I do believe it was one of my followers that told me to check out your
Anyhoo I do apologize for the novel, but I am excited to try your products sometime down the
road…. Have a fantanbulous day today…


I like to use natural soap for my sensitive skin and don’t like to use product with lots of chemical ..

T 4

I ordered for the first time last spring, and since then have became a regular client. Krasiva Soaps are more than wonderful. I’m in love and a client for good!

Anna D


Hi Krasi,
First of all, thank you for very speedy delivery of the order,the soaps arrived this morning.
I have in the past ,like many others, spend huge amount of money, buying well know brands products. In
recent years I have noticed that my skin has changed, it became more dry. Unfortunatly, that’s the beauty
of getting older and using those product which were heavy parfumed with lots of checmicals that I
can’t even pronanunce.So I started using organic made soaps/products, for me and my whole family.
Going organic made huge diffrence to my skin.My skin feels much better now,no more itchines. I am
always on the look out for new products,and that’s why I was very exiced to come upon your website,
and try and give it a go to your lovely soaps.
Also, I think it is very important to support our local small business like yourself.
Wishing you all the best with your business and I hope to place more order in the near future.
Best wishes,

Jes D.

your products look amazing
looking forward to get them
buying soaps, of course besides to wash myself… it’s a way for me to reduce plastic usage so
no plastic bottles go to waste. but also i love different soaps in different scents and i love
trying new stuff.
found you through google (ads)
Jes D.


Thank you. I just want to be clean using a natural soap with as few unpronounceable ingredients as possible.


I am concerned about the environment and about harmful ingredients that might be in the
facial cleanser I currently am using. I’m 79 years old and I still have a breakout from time to

Lina Desbois

i have receive the parcel this morning, the soap smell very nice i really like it,
thank you very much for the gift !
I will try the soap today and try to leave a feedback in few days,
also you wrote on the parcel Lisa but it’s Lina, its nothing but just to let you know ^^
i showed it to my aunty and she said that she might buy one too
Thank you again !


I use natural things as much as possible.
make up, soap, all kinds.
I have been using natural soaps locally, and I like them but since I say your web, and I wanted
to try different soap,
and exfoliation soap with coffee beans made me to buy
I like your story how you started the business
good luck on your business
It’s good for earth and people


Hi Krasi,
I need a good ayurvedic soap for myself.

Testimonial 3

Your pine-tar soap has been great for my child’s dermatitis.You are a life saviour!



Hi Krasi
I bought some male natural soap for my husband and thought that I would like some too, but I
didn’t want masculine smelling soap. So I searched the internet for female soaps and found
you. I am 57 years old and have aging skin and I liked your ingredients and descriptions of
your products. I thought why get natural soap that just smells good when it can do something
good for my skin. Out of the sites I visited I was most impressed with your products. I am
looking forward to using them and possibly becoming a regular customer.
Many blessings,


I like charcoal bar soaps for my face to help detox and cleanse my acne/blemish prone skin. I
randomly came across your website while searching for charcoal soaps online. You have a
good selection and may try it!

Faye Reeve

I like good soap, particularly goat soap, no scent and no color. I usually buy by the dozen.
I have also taken several classes from Voyageur and make mechanics soap, gardening soap,
lip balm and so forth. Great store.

Rose L.

On behalf of Adare & District Nursing Home thank you so much for the generous gift of your soaps –
staff were thrilled with same.
Many thanks
Rose L.


I’m happy to place a regular order if I’m happy with your products.

Rochelle Russell

Hi Krasi
I bought a soap for my dogs at a market from you last year, best ever that I have tried.


I love natural products. I want something that nourishes my skin and offers additional benefits.


Hello Krasi,
Thank you very much for your kind e-mail and interest on why I am choosing natural
products. For many decades (yes the years are piling up quickly) I have used products laden
with chemicals to wash. I just decided to give my skin and hair a chance to detox for good.
Not many good options were available for a long time but in recent times many people like
yourself are now offering good natural soaps. I came across your website and I cannot wait to
try your products to restore my aging skin. Most likely I will subscribe for quarterly delivery
and hopefully begin a long lasting partnership.
Take care !!

Jav Ahmed

Hi krasi,
I am still searching for the perfect soap. I’ve tried quite a few and haven’t yet come across
the perfect one.
I’m looking for one that doesn’t turn to mush after a few uses and smells great. My perfect
soap would be a triple milled soap that smells of Clive Christian ‘C’ or ‘E’. Something a bit
I’ve bought soaps from Lebanon, Turkey and the UK. The closest to perfection has been
penhalligons halfeti, which I do like.
Maybe you can recommend something close to what I’m looking for?


I buy soap mainly to clean myself but for a few years now I’ve been really trying to monitor what products I put on
my skin, and I’ve always somehow over looked soap. I did switch over to a more organic brand, but I’ve really been
interested in trying out hand made soaps. I found you on the internet and I decided to give you a try because the
variety interested me.
Thank you!

trish x.

Hi I joined as I enjoy trying different things and help businesses out. I heard about you from a Google site
trish x


Dear Krasiva
I am in my 60s and have always washed my face with a well known brand of face soap with
no problems, except that I know its full of chemicals etc. I am looking for a more natural
product as my skin is much drier now. also I spend much time outside and so want to look
after my ageing skin.
My husband suffers from phsorias and my granddaughter suffers from excema so I am also
searching for products to help them.
I was originally looking for soap and creams made from Bee’s when your company popped
up, I liked what I read so thought I’d give it a try.

Raquel R.

Hello Krasi!
I wanted to buy a natural soap because I want to reduce the use of chemicals and unnatural
soaps. The skin is just as important as what you put inside your body!


sorry for replying late
handmade soap is environmental friendly, we shall support

betty wiemeri

i am 91 and am getting so much wrinkles. I am having problems around my nose. wish to have a smooth soap that
isnt harsh but smells nice. thank you

Lina Desbois

Thank you very much for you quick response !


I like to use soap in the shower. Saves on plastic bottles, , has a lovely scent and lasts for ages